How We Contribute

The Way to Harvard
Droga na Harvard

Since 2010, Filip Wejman is a member of the committee grading papers submitted to a national competition Droga na Harvard [The Way to Harvard]. The Harvard Club of Poland organizes this yearly, national challenge for the benefit of young Polish people who are planning to study at Harvard.

Association Springtime
Stowarzyszenie Wiosna

Katarzyna Leśko is active as a pro bono lawyer at the Association Springtime. The charity sends out every year thousands of free Christmas parcels to people in need. In 2013, the project reached over 17 000 families.


Filip Wejman is a co-founder and Member of the Board of INPRIS, a legal think tank. Among other initiatives, INPRIS, founded in 2008, monitors with other NGOs the vetting and election process of Justices to the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, works on legal infographics, conducts research on access to legal aid in Poland, offers negotiation workshops for students of law and business.

Precedent Litigation Program
Program Spraw Precedensowych

Since the founding of the Program in 2004, Filip Wejman sits on the Board of the Strategic Litigation Program at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. The job of the Board is admitting cases to the Program and laying out guidelines for further action. The Program deals with the vast share of high profile human rights and constitutional law cases in Poland.

Constitutional Moot Court
Konstytucyjny Turniej Sądowy

In 2012 and 2014 the Holda Association organized two editions of the Constitutional Moot Court. The national moot involves students from many law schools and attorney trainees as competitors, and top lawyers from judiciary, academia, law firms as judges. Filip Wejman is among the initiators and organizers of the moot.

Warsaw Legal Hackers

Magdalena Siwanowicz-Suska and Filip Wejman are among four founders of the Warsaw Chapter of Legal Hackers. We have organized sessions i.a. on GDPR, blockchain, fake news, copyright directive, cybersecurity.